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External Relations Assistant Online Work-Study Application Form

The Dean's Office in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts (CHFA) is hiring an assistant to the Director of External Relations. The ideal candidate for this position will have excellent written communication skills and experience across a variety of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.   This position is for up to 20 hrs/week, starting in the fall of 2012. Interviews will be conducted this semester for the position. APPLY ONLINE ONLY (no telephone or walk-ins accepted).

For consideration, please complete the form below, then click the "submit" button.

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Phone Number:


What aspects of this position appeal to you? Why?

What was your most recent, or most interesting, learning experience?

Do you have any experience with web development or Adobe products such as Dreamweaver and Contribute? If so, what is your experience?

Social Media:

How familiar are you with various social media sites? What types of social media do you use most frequently?

If you were a social media site, which one would you be?

How would you describe a #hashtag? How could you use them?

How would you plan a digital outreach strategy for an HFA audience that includes faculty, staff, researchers, current students and prospective students?

Writing Skills:

What is your favorite genre of writing? What about this writing style interests you?

What is the number one thing you think about when you begin to write an article?

What is your writing experience (e.g. worked for the Collegian, English major, publications, etc.)?

Writing Sample:

Pretend you are in charge of advertising for an event for the College of Humanities and Fine Arts. Using the attached document, advertise the New Orleans @ UMass event as you would using the following three social media formats: 1) Twitter 2) Facebook and 3) as a website summary. Include additional formats if you think applicable. Click here for New Oreleans @ UMass document.

Check this box if you have received a financial aid award letter showing your work-study award dollar amount (you can check SPIRE for a copy of your award letter).

What is your expected semester and year of graduation?

What date can you start working?

Check the boxes below to indicate times you are not available to work during the Fall 2012 semester:
  8:30 9 9:30 10 10:30 11 11:30 12 12:30 1 1:30 2 2:30 3 3:30 4 4:30